How to Become A Client

Many individuals address their own need for assistance and contact our office directly. We also receive client referrals from other sources including family members, friends, neighbors, doctors and community agencies.

If you or someone you know might benefit from our services, please call us at 456-2898 so that we can begin the client intake process and deliver help as soon as possible. The intake process ensures that individuals get the most suitable care for their current circumstances, whether they are aided solely by Community Caregivers or referred to other agencies for more appropriate assistance.

When we receive calls from or about potential clients, we request the following information from the caller:

  • Caller’s name, phone number, and relationship to the potential client
  • Potential client’s name and phone number
  • Address for home visit
  • Type of service(s) needed
  • Any other relevant information about the potential client (chronic illnesses, disabilities, age, living situation, etc.)

Our staff reviews the information to make sure the potential client lives within our service area and is otherwise eligible to get help from Community Caregivers. Our Intake Coordinator, who is also a Registered Nurse, will then schedule an intake visit. Any request for aid from Community Caregivers is verified directly with the potential client before an appointment is scheduled.

“Like many seniors, my husband and I want to remain in our home as we age, but it takes extra energy at a time when our energy is diminishing. Community Caregivers has helped make staying in our home possible.”

“The wonderful volunteers have provided consistency and dependable transport, and help with outdoor yardwork. We’ve also received support through the social worker.”

“There is always a lingering fear of “what if” as one ages. Our reaching out to the community has been met with reassuring words and action by Community Caregivers.”

“Thank you all so much!”

-Wilma Jenssen, Client