How to Request A Service

Once clients are assessed and approved, they can arrange for Community Caregivers services by calling our office at 456-2898. All service requests must be made at least 10 days in advance.

Services are provided based upon the availability of volunteers. We will make every effort to fill requests, and we’re usually successful, but we cannot guarantee service. In the event that no volunteer can be found, we’ll contact the client as soon as the situation becomes apparent.

When a volunteer indicates that they’re available to help at the time service is needed, we give that person the client’s contact information. They’ll call the client, usually 1 day ahead of time, to confirm the details of their assignment.

Clients can call the office anytime to check on the status of their service request, to report that a volunteer has not arrived at the time they’re expected, or to let us know about a sudden and unexpected change in plan.

Please see our map of the Community Caregivers service area.