“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

Why Volunteer at Community Caregivers?

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Making a Difference

Our volunteers express many reasons for volunteering. In general, they all recognize that giving time to others builds sense of community and allows everyone to fare better than if each of us had to manage alone.

You may recognize yourself in one of these statements:

  • “People helped me so much when my loved one was ill. I want to do the same for somebody else.”
  • “I like a sense of belonging in the community.”
  • “I can’t get out of the house, but I can call someone on the phone. I feel good knowing that I can be of use.”
  • “My mother lives out of town. I can’t be there, but I can help people here.”
  • “I want to do something that makes a real difference.”
  • “I want to teach my kids about helping others by doing something as a family.”
  • “Volunteering is a way to put my faith into action.”
  • “Volunteering allows me to meet new people.”


  • You check your calendar; then let us know if you’re free.
  • You decide how often you volunteer.
  • You can take time off – short term or seasonal – and come back when you’re ready.

Some volunteers request a regular, repeating assignment. Others want to serve as needed with a variety of clients and tasks. We offer a variety of interesting volunteer roles!

Community Caregivers honors all requests for “time off” and volunteers are welcomed back whenever they’re ready to help again.

No Guilt

Community Caregivers offers a “no guilt” volunteer experience. If you are unable to accept a particular assignment, you may say “No” -without guilt-and we’ll try you again at another time.

“I really appreciate that you can work at your own pace. They call you to see if you can take any clients for the next week. You take it if you can and you don’t take it if you can’t; there’s no guilt. I appreciate the flexibility with this kind of volunteer service.”

“The relationship I form with the clients is the real reward. The people are delightful and very, very, appreciative and that makes me feel good.” 

– Nancy McCaffrey, Volunteer


“Like so many members of the ‘care giving generation,’ I found all my vacation time was going to taking my mom to her doctors’ appointments rather than actually taking vacation. I noticed that the need [for transportation] was great, not only for the patients but also for those taking care of them.”

“Getting to know the clients is the best part. We definitely form bonds with them.”

– Linda Chaffee, Volunteer