Committees of the Board

In addition to the Executive Committee, which consists of the current Board of Directors officers and the Immediate Past President, there are six standing committees of the Board; only five of them are currently active. (Two special event committees also exist, one for the Fall Gala and one for the Spring Golf fundraiser.)

The main functions of each Board committee are listed below. If you would like to serve on one or more committees, please call us at 456-2898 or send an email to

Board Development Committee

  • Recommends the slate of officers and directors-at-large to the Board for election.
  • Nominates candidates to fill Board vacancies as they arise.
  • Recommends potential Board members to the President.
  • Designs and coordinates orientation for the full Board of Directors, both incumbents and those newly-elected.

Finance Committee

  • Oversees all financial planning and management for Community Caregivers.
  • Develops and reviews official financial policy and procedures documents.
  • Develops and reviews Endowment Fund Guidelines.
  • Prepares annual budget for presentation to the Board of Directors.
  • Arranges for an outside audit of books annually.
  • Files all necessary federal and state tax returns.
  • Prepares monthly financial statements for the Board of Directors’ review.

Public Relations Committee

  • Develops Community Caregivers’ image and visibility to build trust and credibility within key constituencies, ensuring that the image is consistent with and sensitive to the values, mission and goals of the organization.  Periodically checks health of image within the community.
  • Develops an annual public relations and communications program to enhance image and visibility.  Monitors progress of plan and evaluates overall effectiveness.
  • Implements the public relations/communications plan, including identification of human interest stories, writing and distributing media releases, and drafting brochures and newsletter copy.
  • Helps staff develop and maintain relationships with the media as necessary.
  • Works closely with other Community Caregivers committees to provide publicity support for approved programs.
  • Oversees publication of the Community Caregivers newsletter.
  • Oversees publication of Annual Reports.

Volunteer Support Committee

  • Works with the Executive Director to design and implement ways to recognize volunteer efforts.
  • Works with the Executive Director to ensure ongoing volunteer education consistent with program goals.